Review: Mac Lipstick in ‘Creme Cup’

Hi everyone!

As you can tell from the title, today I am going to be reviewing my first ever Mac lipstick, Creme Cup.

mac creme cup

It is a pinky nude colour, perfect for everyday wear, which is great when you’re paying £15 for a lipstick- you want to get your moneys worth! It’s cremesheen so it is not matte but not super glossy-it is the perfect middle between them. I also find it very moisturising.

mac creme cup 2

It is a pretty pale pink, so it wouldn’t always suit darker skin tones. Make sure you go into the shop and test it before you buy!  However, this lipstick is not all perfect. I find that if there is any dryness or cracks on my lips, this accentuates them, so you have to make sure your lips are very smooth before you put this on.

Also, the wear on this is not great. It get about 4 hours wear from this, so not terrible but could be better. However, I do find that it fades evenly so you don’t have to worry about getting patchy looking lips.

Overall, I do absolutely love this lipstick and I wear it on a daily basis, including to school. I think it is a great beginner Mac lipstick because you will get your moneys worth from it!

I hope this review helped you! You can buy this lipstick here.

Laura x


Makeup Revolution-A New Makeup Brand

Hi everyone!

Whilst reading this blog, I came across the new makeup brand Makeup Revolution. It’s very similar in price to MUA, so very affordable! It has a very wide range of products, including these amazing looking lipsticks!

makeup revoution

My favourite picks are the Iconic (1,2 and 3) palettes, which look like very interesting and similar dupes to the Naked palettes. Also, I am intrigued by the metal eye foils, especially in ‘Rose Gold’.

murredpic3_2(1)The Iconic 3


I think an order is to be placed!

Makeup Revolution has just become available in Superdrug, so hopefully they’ll be in stores soon.

What’s on your wishlist?

Laura x


Hi everyone!

This is just a quick little post to tell you that I am starting to pick up my YouTube channel again! You will only find two rather strange videos on there at the moment, but that is to change. I have just given my channel a bit of a makeover and I am going to make an effort to start uploading regularly. I look forward to what is to come! 

You can find my channel here

Laura x



Review: Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner

I have this eyeliner in black, bronze, nude and silver, and I love every. They are honestly the most fantastic, long-lasting eyeliners I have ever tried. They go on incredibly smoothly then give you just enough time to smudge/correct anything before setting for the whole day. Yes, the entire day. These lovelies won’t budge at all on your eyelid. On your waterline, they don’t last the whole day, but compared to other eyeliners, they last whole lot longer. Also, they are unbelievably waterproof- I had swatches on my arm, and no amount of water or scrubbing would budge them! However, you can get them off pretty easily with eye makeup remover at the end of the day.


The black is the blackest black I’ve ever tried, and i use it very regularly!


I absolutely love this one. It is the only affordable nude eyeliner that I know of, and it does wonders for opening and brightening your eyes, and making them look bigger. I actually love using this as an eyeshadow base too, and even as a concealer! This has to be one of my favourite beauty products ever. Also, if you have a darker skin tone, I could see this as a good brow bone highlight? Let me know if you’ve tried this!


I use this one for a really simple smokey eye. I line for upper lash line, waterline and lower lash line then smudge it out before it sets. I do this on a very regular basis- it looks like I’ve put a LOT more work into my makeup than I have! It’s a mid/dark brown with a subtle shimmer, so it doesn’t look too heavy, like black liner sometimes can.


Last but by no means, this one in silver. This is a gorgeous sparkly silver, which is perfect for parties. It’s probably my least worn shade just because it’s not as wearable, but it’s completely beautiful for an occasion.

All of them are very pigmented and truly beautiful. At only £3.99 a pop, I highly recommend you give these a try. I bet you won’t be disappointed! I really look forward to trying out more of these, the purple one looks gorgeous 🙂 It can be bought here

What’s your favourite eyeliner?

Laura x


Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer

I have been trying out this product for quite a while now, hoping that I will like it…sadly not. It’s a disappointment, especially after all the hype about it arriving in Britain. 

 I purchased this in Boots for £7.99 when it first came out. 


The bottle is very pretty, with a pink and mint pattern. It is however a lot smaller than pictures lead you to believe, so bear that in mind if ordering online!

 However, the inside is not as pleasing as the outside. After putting this on…nothing. I looked exactly the same as I had done before, no less visible pores, fine lines not minimised. The only difference was that my skin felt greasy. Great.

 I still had hope. Maybe this product could control my extremely oily skin. So 10 minutes later… my face was a shining beacon. So, to summarise, this product was a complete waste of money. Don’t waste yours too.

It can be bought here (but I strongly suggest you don’t)
Have you tried this?
Laura x

Review: Maybelline Brow Drama

This is one of those products I tried, hated, left and forgot. However, not too long ago, my friend was using this and saying how much she loved it, so I thought I’d give it another go… and let me tell you, I’m glad I did!


I tried the Benefit Gimme Brow in Boots and I think this is sooo much better, and less than a quarter of the price! At £4.99, this product is a quick way of grooming your brows in the morning. I use the shade ‘dark blonde’ and it is the perfect match for my dark blonde hair. I find it really make my brows look thicker, fuller and neater, and all in the space of 30 seconds! It doesn’t completely hold my brows in place all day, but it does a fairly good job. It’s only a few stray hairs that fall out of place, and they can be fixed quickly. 

 The funny brush is partly why I didn’t like it at first because I thought the ball on the end was bulky and annoying. However, after using it again, I’ve found that I don’t dislike the brush, I think it’s a bit of a useless design, but it’s okay for applying this product.

 If you’re thinking of buying the Benefit Gimme Brow, I would definitely try this first, as a much cheap ( and in my opinion, better) alternative! It can be bought here

What’s your favourite brow product? 

Laura x


Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock: Matthew Quick


This is my favourite book. Ever. In the history of time. And I’ve read a few lot. 

It’s about a suicidal boy who is going to kill himself on his 18th birthday, but wants to say goodbye to everyone and get his revenge first.

 At first, I wasn’t too sure about the book but it only me a few pages to get into it. I won’t give anything away, but I have to say this evoked such strong emotions in me, it is so fantastically written by Matthew Quick (the person who wrote Silver Linings Playbook). I highly, highly recommend you read this. Get it out from your local library as soon as you can, or it can be bought here

What’s your favourite book at the moment?

Laura x


Disappointing Products: Neutrogena Wave

After longing for a Clarisonic for a very long time, I decided to try out the cheaper versions available. Although it’s pretty different to the Clarisonic, I came across this product and thought I’d give it a go.


If you are thinking of buying this, please don’t-save your pennies instead.

The idea of this is that there are little cleansing foaming pads which stick on to a velcro like tip of the wave. You then put your cleanser on it and use it as a face brush.


IT IS RUBBISH. It’s supposed to vibrate, deeply cleaning your skin. Basically, it buzzes, making a noise rather than anything else. The pads irritated my skin, giving the complete opposite effect of what I wanted it to do. Now it is sitting in a landfill site somewhere. Now I need to try and clear up my skin 😦

So this was a waste of money and batteries. I beg you not to try it, unless you want pesky breakouts?!

Next on my list to try is the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush, so expect a review on that sometime in the near future. Have you tried it?

Laura x

Review: L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara in Black

Hello everybody!

Today I’ll be doing a review on a fairly new product that you’ve probably heard about- the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. Let me start off by saying, this will be a bit of a rave!


The poster girl for this release is Barbara Palvin, looking gorgeous as always! She makes me want to buy the mascara even though she has falsies on and would look fantastic in a bin bag! *sigh*


First off, the packaging. It’s nothing special- not horrible, not anything amazing- but it’s the inside that counts! The brush is the ‘first 360° flexible cone shaped brush that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes’. I think that the 360 degrees bit is rubbish. It doesn’t hinder the product but it just does nothing. It only bends when you are applying quite a lot of force to it, which can’t be done with your eyelashes. A bit of a useless feature I think!

 However, whinging aside, I think this product is absolutely fantastic. It is the most lengthening and volumising mascara I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a fair few! 


It’s a pretty wet formula so you do have to let it dry, unless you want panda eyes (which I’ve managed to do a few times already). 

At £8.99 it’s the usual price for a highstreet/drugstore mascara. If you want a decent price, amazing mascara then definitely try this one out. I know I’ll be repurchasing it, and I think I would go as far to say as it’s my favourite mascara ever! You can purchase it here

What’s your favourite mascara at the moment?

Laura x


White Nails

Hi everybody!

This is my 3rd blog post, which is very overdue (I think it has been a year!) but I’m determined to get back in to blogging, so watch this space! Today I’ll be talking about a love/hate nail trend- white nail polish. I’ve never been a fan of white nails but recently I’ve been loving them! I think they bring such a fresh look to any outfit, and they will be perfect for this spring-summer!


A lot of people think that white nails look better on more tanned skin, but me, being perpetually pale and interesting, love it on myself anyway!


My favourite is Barry M’s ‘Matte White’ which I find is opaque with only 2 coats and lasts, just like every other Barry M nail polish. Also , at £2.99, it’s a bargain! It can be bought here


Will you be rocking white nails this Spring? Let me know in the comments!

Laura x