Mac ‘Creme Cup’ Dupe: Topshop Lip Crayon in ‘Wave Goodbye’

Hi everyone!

Mac’s Creme Cup is one of my favourite lipsticks ever; it’s such a pretty pink and is suitable for everyday wear (I have written a review on it here). However, my one qualm is the price. At £15, it’s not the most affordable makeup item. I’ve been looking for a dupe for ages and I came across this one by chance when I pulled it out the back of my makeup drawer whilst looking for an eyeliner.

photo5 (1)

‘Creme Cup’. Buy here

photo4 (1)photo2 (2)

‘Wave Goodbye’. Buy here

I really love Topshop’s lip crayons. They have some lovely colours and they are very moisturising.

photo1 (2)

Left- Mac’s ‘Creme Cup’

Right- Topshop’s ‘Wave Goodbye’

As you can see, the colours are very similar. The Topshop one is a little pinker, but on the lips, they look exactly the same.

They have a very similar finish too. They are both ‘sheeny’ (it might be a word?) with the Topshop one being a bit more glossy than the other, but I love them both regardless.

My only problem with ‘Wave Goodbye’ is that the wear time is about half an hour, without eating or drinking, compared to ‘Creme Cup’ which lasts about 2 hours with light eating and drinking (no huge meals though!)

However, the Topshop one comes in at £7 which is £8 cheaper than Mac’s, which means you could buy two lip crayons and have a pound left over instead! I would rather go for a cheaper one and reapply more often.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! Do you have any Mac lipstick dupes?

Laura x


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