Recent Poundland Makeup Finds

Hi everybody!

 I’m back again after a failed attempt of going technology free (more on that in a later blog post). Today I’ll be showing you my latest Poundland makeup finds. Lately, Poundland has had some rubbish stuff in, with no new stock (they just had their usual chitchat things and rimmel eyeshadows). Yesterday I decided to go in and have a quick look as I’d heard they’d got some good things in, and I’m very glad I did!

 I bought three things which obviously cost me three pounds.



Left to right- Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint ‘Rich Russet’, Rimmel Stay Blushed ‘Sunkissed Cherry’, Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint ‘Golden Bronze’.

I’d wanted to try the eyeshadow paints for ages so when I saw these two (the last ones left) I made a mad dash for them! They retail at £4.99 usually so it’s not a huge saving, but one I’m very happy with, I can’t wait to try them.I was also considering reviewing them on here so please leave a comment below if you’d like that. 


The eyeshadow paint in ‘Rich Russet’. It’s a taupe-grey with shimmer.

The other one is ‘Golden Bronze’ which is exactly that- a golden bronze.


This is a liquid blush which is smooth and easy to apply. You squeeze a little bit out either straight onto your cheek or onto your fingers then blend out to leave a really pretty natural flush. It retails at £4.49 but it’s on offer for £3.49 in Boots at the moment. 


On the back of the blush packaging it said ‘This product may contain blush’. I found this funny so I thought I’d add it in 😉

So that’s all I got! For three pounds I’m pretty pleased, pop in to your local poundland and see what you can find! 

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in Poundland?

Laura x



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