Going Technology Free

Hi everyone!

 Recently I have been finding more and more that I’ve been getting headaches and aching eyes, which I believe is a result of too much screen time. So… I have decided to go technology free for one week.

 I’m interested to see how much more productive I am without wasting loads of time on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc…

 Sometimes I check Twitter (for example) not because I want to, but because I feel a compulsive need to. I really want to try and cut back on my time on technology to appreciate the real things in life, not the online world. So, I will only be using any technology when I need to contact someone, and even then I will call instead of texting.

 I will write a post on my week when it’s over, so stay tuned for that.

Why don’t you give going tech free a go with me?

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Laura x



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