Review: MUA Matte lipstick in ‘Lilac Belle’

This lipstick is one I’ve had my eyes on ever since it came out not that long ago, as part of MUA’s spring capsule collection. I’ve wanted a lilac lipstick for ages but I didn’t want to spend too much, as I wasn’t sure how much I would wear it. So when this l saw this new release, I was straight out to buy it!


It is from their matte lipstick collection and is supposed to be lilac. However, I find it to be a lot more pinky than lilac which is slightly disappointing, but it’s a pretty colour none the less. I find the texture of it to be very dry and hard, making it very difficult to apply. Nonetheless, once you’ve managed to apply it, it does look nice. It has a wear of about two hours and fades evenly so you don’t have to reapply if you don’t want to. I’m still on the hunt for a good, affordable lilac lipstick, but for one pound, this isn’t half bad.

You can purchase it in stores and here.

Do you have any lilac lipstick recommendations?

Laura x


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