Tag: It’s all about me

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would do this tag so you can get to know me better. It’s pretty long so I’ll jump right in.

Me: Laura

Nicknames: None- how boring!

Place of birth: London, England

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Male or Female: Female

Occupation: Still at school 😦

Residence: London

Screen name: lauratothejones, lauraloobyloo

Hair colour: dark blonde

Hair length: long

Eye colour: dark brown

Height: 5ft2.5 (the half is very important)

Braces?: I had them when I was 12-14- they were so worth it!

Glasses?: Yep, but I don’t wear them all the time.

Piercings: just earlobes

Tattoos: nope

Righty or lefty: Righty

First best friend: I just had a few close friends

First Award: does a swimming award count?

First sport you joined: I started ballet and swimming when I was 3

First real vacation/holiday: Switzerland

First concert: Katy Perry

First love: erm


Movie: Grease maybe?

TV show: The Call Centre 😉

Colours: mint green/baby blue

Song: Mariah Carey ‘Emotions’ or Justin Bieber ‘Die in Your Arms’ but Ariana Grande’s cover of both of them 😀

Candy: Candysticks, raspberry bonbons, fizzy bottles… there are soo many

Restaurant: Mcdonalds all the way

Store: probably Primark

School: Music

Book: Forgive me, Leonard Peacock- Matthew Quick (post on it here)

Magazine: Bliss

Shoes: Converse


Feeling: meh

Single or taken: single

Eating: nothing

Typing: this

Online: Always

Listening to: the washing machine sounding like it’s breaking down

Thinking about: exams, next week and I haven’t started revising :/

Wanting: people to read my blog and like it 🙂

Watching: nothing

Wearing: Pajamas and a dressing gown 


Want children?: Three 🙂

Married: definitely

Career: no clue

Where do you want to live?: Liverpool maybe?

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger: Nope

Had alcohol: very small amounts

Smoked: nope

Ran away from home: I tried to when I was about 5 and I got as far as the pavement outside my house then I got scared because a car drove past.

Broken a bone?: No (touch wood)

Had an xray: on my teeth

Broken someones heart: Hope not

Broken up with someone: No

Cried when someone died: Yes

Cried at school: Yep

Do you believe in…

God: Yes

Miracles: Don’t really know

Love at first sight: kind of

Ghosts: Yes

Aliens: not in the stereotypical way

Soul mates: not really

Heaven: Yes


Kissing on the first date: sure

Yourself: depends

Whew! It’s over. I hope you learnt a little about me. I tag YOU! Tweet me if you do this tag.

Laura x
















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