Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer

I have been trying out this product for quite a while now, hoping that I will like it…sadly not. It’s a disappointment, especially after all the hype about it arriving in Britain. 

 I purchased this in Boots for £7.99 when it first came out. 


The bottle is very pretty, with a pink and mint pattern. It is however a lot smaller than pictures lead you to believe, so bear that in mind if ordering online!

 However, the inside is not as pleasing as the outside. After putting this on…nothing. I looked exactly the same as I had done before, no less visible pores, fine lines not minimised. The only difference was that my skin felt greasy. Great.

 I still had hope. Maybe this product could control my extremely oily skin. So 10 minutes later… my face was a shining beacon. So, to summarise, this product was a complete waste of money. Don’t waste yours too.

It can be bought here (but I strongly suggest you don’t)
Have you tried this?
Laura x

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